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Christopher Brown





music typesetter

“One of Britain’s most accomplished composers of the post
Leighton-Howells-Britten generation”  (Musical Opinion)

 programme notes and texts

These notes and texts may be freely used, but only on condition that full acknowledgement of authorship is made in all programmes or other articles.




A Five-Gated Well
A Song for Oriana
A Song for Oriana note.htm
Adam lay ybounden
Benedicite Omnes Angeli
Brown the Bear
Christmas Cantata
Christmas Cantata note.htm Christmas Cantata text.htm
Crucifixus Pro Vobis
Crucifixus text.htm
Wind Quintet Note.htm
Elegy note.htm Elegy Text.htm
Fair and Feast
Fair and Feast  Note.htm Fair and Feast text.htm
Festival Te Deum
Festival Te Deum note.htm
Hodie Salvator Apparuit
Hodie Note.htm
Invocation TEXT.htm
La Légende de l'Étoile
La Legende de L'Etolie Note.htm
Landscapes  Note.htm Landscapes text.htm
Lauds  Note.htm Lauds text.htm
Like a Child
Like a Child note.htm Like a Child text.htm
Lullay, my liking
Lullay my liking text.htm
Magnificat (version 1)
Magnificat  Note.htm
Maid, Mother, Mary
Three Medieval Carols Note.htm Maid Mother Mary text.htm
O clap your hands
O clap your hands.htm
Organ Concerto
Organ Concerto Note.htm
Oundle Jubilate
Oundle Jubilate Note.htm
Out of your sleep
Three Medieval Carols Note.htm Out of your sleep text.htm
Point of Departure
Point of Departure text.htm
Ruscelli d'Oro
Ruscelli d'Oro Note.htm
School Creed
School Creed text.htm
Seascape Note.htm Seascape text.htm
Sir Christemas
Sir Christemas text.htm
Star Song I
Star Song I Note.htm
Star Song II
Star Song II  De Profundis Note.htm
Star Song III
Star Song III note.htm
Star Song V - De Profundis
Star Song V  De Profundis Note.htm
Summer Winds
Summer Winds Note.htm
Sunlight on a pale green ocean
Sunlight text.htm
The Circling Year
The Circling Year Note.htm
The Song of the Rose
The Sun: Rising
The Sun Rising Note.htm
Three Early English Carols
Three Early English Carols text.htm
Three Medieval Carols
Three Medieval Carols Note.htm Three Med Carols text.htm
Three Shakespeare Songs
To Musick, Sing!
To Musick, Sing note.htm To Musick text.htm
To the Hills
To the Hills Note.htm To the Hills text.htm
Toy Symphony
Toy Symphony note.htm
Tres Cantus Sacri
Tres Cantus Cacri.htm
Variation on a theme by Rilke
Rilke Song text.htm
Welcome! Our Messias
Three Medieval Carols Note.htm Welcome our Messias text.htm Shakespeare Songs Note.htm Song of the Rose note.htm A Five-Gated Well text.htm ORIANA text.htm Adam lay ybounden text.htm Benedicite omnes angeli text.htm Brown the Bear text.htm



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