Welcome! Our Messias (Anon. late 15c.)


Hey! Now, now, now,

Swet Jesus

Is cum to us,

This good tim of Christmas.

Wherfor with praise

Sing we always

Welcum, our Messias.


The God Almight;

And King of light,

Whose powr is over all,

Give us, of grace,

For to purchase

His realme celestial.


Wher his angels

And archangels

Do sing incessantly,

His principates

And potestates

Maketh gret harmony.


The cherubins

And seraphins,

With ther tunikes merry,

The trones all,

Most musical,

Sing the hevenly Kery.


The vertues clere

Ther tunes bere,

Ther quere for to repair;

Whose song to hold

Was manifold

Of dominacions fair.


With one accord

Serve we that Lord

With laudes and oraison,

The which hath sent,

By good assent,

To us his only Son.