Sir Christemas    Anon. 15th Century


   Good day, good day,

    My lord, Sir Christemasse, good day!


Good day, Sire Christemasse our King,

For every man both olde and yinge

Is glad and blithe of your cominge:

    Good day!


Godis sone, so moche of might,

Fram Heven to erthe down is light,

And borne if of a maide so bright:

    Good day!


Heven and erthe and also helle,

And alle that ever in hem dwelle,

Of your cominge they beth full snelle:

    Good day!


Of your cominge this clerkes finde

Ye come to save all mankinde,

And of here bales hem unbinde:

    Good day!


Alle manner of merthes we wole make,

And solas to oure hertes take,

My seemly lorde, for your sake:

    Good day!