Lullay my liking    Anon. 15th Century


Lullay, my liking, my dere son, my sweting.

Lullay, my dere herte, my owen dere derling.


I saw a fair maydyn

  Sitten and sing:

She lulled a little child,

  A swete lording.


That eche Lord is that

  That made alle thinge:

Of alle lordes he is Lord,

  Of alle kinges Kyng.


Ther was mekil melody

  At that childes berth:

Alle tho wern in hevene blis

  They made mekil merth.


Aungele bright, they song that night

  And seiden to that child:

“Blissed be thou, and so be she

  That is bothe mek and mild”.


Prey we now to that child,

  And to his moder dere,

Graunt hem his blissing

  That now maken chere.