Crucifixus pro vobis   Attributed to John Skelton


                                    Woefully arrayed,                                             arrayed = afflicted

                                                      My blood, man,

                                                      For thee ran,

                                                It may not be nay’d;                                                nay’d = denied

                                                      My body, blo and wan,       blo and wan  = black and blue

                                                Woefully arrayed.


                Behold me, I pray thee, with thy whole reason.

                And be not so hard-hearted, and for this encheason                 encheason = cause

                Sith I for thy soul sake was slain in good season,                                    sith = since

                Beguiled and betrayed by Judas’ false treason:                         treason = treachery

                                   Unkindly entreated,

                                   With sharp cord sore freted,

                                   The Jewes me threted:                                                threted = threatened

                                They mowed, they grinned, they scorned me,             mowed = grimaced

                                Condemned to death, as thou mayest see.

                                   Woefully arrayed.


                Thus naked am I nailed, O man, for thy sake!

                I love thee, then love me. Why sleepest thou? Awake!

                Remember my tender heart-root for thee brake,

                With paines my veines constrained to crake:                                       crake = crack

                                   Thus tugged to and fro,

                                   Thus wrapped all in woe,

                                   Whereas never man was so,

                                Entreated thus in most cruel wise,

                                Was like a man offered in sacrifice.

                                   Woefully arrayed.


                Of sharp thorn I have worn a crown on my head,

                So pained, so strained, so rueful, so red,

                Thus bobbed, thus robbed, thus for thy love dead,                       bobbed = beaten

                Unfeigned I deigned my blood for to shed:

                                   My feet and handes sore

                                   Thy sturdy nailes bore:

                                   What might I suffer more

                                Than I have done, O man, for thee?

                                Come when thou list, welcome to me!                                            list = wilt

                                   Woefully arrayed.


                Of record thy good Lord I have been and shall be:

                I am thine, thou art mine, my brother I call thee.

                Thee love I entirely – see what is befallen me!

                Sore beating, sore threating, to make thee, man, all free:

                                   Why art thou unkind?

                                   Why hast not me in mind?

                                   Come yet and thou shalt find

                                Mine endless mercy and grace –

                                See how a spear my heart did race.                                         race = torture

                                   Woefully arrayed.


                Dear brother, none other thing I of thee desire

                But give me thine heart free to reward mine hire:                                  hire = service

                I wrought thee, I bought thee from eternal fire:

                I pray thee array thee toward my high empire                                   array = prepare

                                   Above the orient

                                   Whereof I am regent,

                                   Lord God omnipotent,

                                With me to reign in endless wealth:

                                Remember, man, thy soules health.


                                                Woefully arrayed,

                                                      My blood, man,

                                                      For thee ran,

                                                It may not be nay’d;    

                                                      My body, blo and wan.

                                                Woefully arrayed.